August 2017

20 Email Marketing Tools to Growth Hack Your E-commerce Sales and Conversion

20 Email Marketing Tools to Growth Hack Your E-commerce Sales and Conversion – whir digital

If stats are to be believed, email marketing alone is responsible for 23% of online transactions. Now that’s whopping! If your strategies are on-point and you do a good share of homework before getting started, you can expect an unbelievable ROI.

As a matter of fact, email marketing can earn you a greater ROI and that too, faster than content marketing or even PPC.

In this segment, we will thoroughly discuss 20 email marketing growth hacks that will help you drive your conversion rates, clicks and sign-ups in no time.

New to email marketing and not sure how to go about it? You’ve got your back. So, let’s begin-

[box]1. Collect Email IDs in Multiple Ways[/box]

Well, this might sound like a very basic one but this is where everything begins.  There are various ways to encourage the people visiting your website or blog to subscribe to your content using their email IDs.

Giving away free content (we also call it lead magnet) is the most efficient way to go about it. But that’s not all. Many seasoned email marketers recommend taking the help of social media, especially Twitter to collect email addresses. You have to create a Lead Generation card and that’s all it takes.

email marketing tools - Collect Email IDs in Multiple Ways

[box]2. Make a Calendar[/box]

Assuming that you are juggling a lot of projects right now, it’s very natural to go paranoid after a certain point. We understand. To keep things on track, top businessmen make a work calendar.

If you’re serious about generating higher revenues through email marketing, you should definitely prepare a timetable. Assign one two projects for each day of the week. Work on it. Take a day off. Refresh. Repeat.

email marketing tools -  Make a Calendar

[box]3. Rule of 7[/box]

Now that you are fully prepared to increase your brand’s reach and boost your sales, it’s time to play it smart. The rule of 7 is very simple. According to several case studies, you should wait for at least 7 days to pitch your services to a new subscriber.

Till then, keep the lead engaged with informative content, links to blogs that might be relevant to them.

email marketing tools - Rule of 7

[box]4. Reward Your Subscribers[/box]

An act of kindness goes a long way. Though we are talking strict business here, giving away discount coupons, store credits not only keeps your existing leads happy but also directly helps you expand your email list.

How? Simply opt for the referral mechanism. Include a shareable link or referral code to your flash page.

Let the users share the link using social media buttons placed right below or beside it. And they will share your link because this will earn them rewards, a temptation most cannot resist.

email marketing tools - Reward Your Subscribers

[box]5. Curate Content[/box]

Your ultimate goal is to increase your sales and conversion rates. For that, you have to keep your potential buyers engaged. The best way to do that is to keep them engaged with the high-quality content. It is completely okay if the content doesn’t belong to you.

Just make sure it is not from a website of your direct competitor. This has another advantage as well. Curating contents from other websites with their consent lets you build a great partnership with many fellow email marketers.

email marketing tools - Curate Content

[box]6. Exhibit Social Proof[/box]

The key to a successful PPC campaign or digital marketing campaign is to understand the psychology of people. That is it. All the strategies we apply have the same purpose. Integrating a social proof in your email gives your brand a sense of authenticity and helps you gain people’s trust more easily.

For example, you can show people how many subscribers you currently have. Make your presence felt. Interact with people on social media, encourage people to write reviews of their experience with your product or service.

Exhibit Social Proof - email marketing tools - whir digital

[box]7. Use a Catchy Headline[/box]

There will be no conversion, forget sales if the open rates are low. Now, think, why would somebody who presumably receives hundreds of promotional emails a day open your mail? People won’t open the email unless the headline grabs their attention.

Writing an interesting headline is therefore, just as important as writing a good copy. You need to get them hooked with just one line. So, spend a good deal of time coming up with a nice headline.

Use a Catchy Headline - email marketing tools - whir digital

[box]8. Don’t Stuff Your Emails with Images[/box]

Using too many images in a promotional email is one of the primary reasons why 84% such emails end up in the Spam folder. Images are important but if you overcrowd an email with too many of them, it kind of makes the email look tacky.

You can even go for all-text emails, depending on what kind of product or service you are promoting. And if you have to use images, limit it to maximum 2 high-quality images per email.

Don’t Stuff Your Emails with Images - email marketing tools - whir digital

[box]9. Email Retargeting[/box]

Use this strategy to redirect your subscribers to email lists that will be more relevant to them. You should observe the user behavior, keep tabs on what links they are clicking and send emails based on those data.

The bottom line is- you need to find out the particular interests of the users and plan your advertising accordingly.

Email Retargeting - email marketing tools - whir digital

[box]10. Use “FWD” and “RE:”[/box]

Once again, let’s stress upon the fact that ultimately, it all boils down to how well you understand user psychology. While mentioning ““FWD” and “RE:” in the subject titles of your emails might sound insignificant, it is not.

It will trick your recipients into believing that you are either replying to their query or forwarding a piece of information, both conveying a sense that the email is important.

Use forward and reply - email marketing tools - whir digital

[box]11. Design a Cool Email Receipt[/box]

The chances of getting a great boost in your sales and conversion rates increase manifold if you use a cool email receipt. It’s all about the presentation after all.

It should allow people easily track necessary information. There are a couple of excellent tools available over the web to help you create an impressive email receipt template.

Design a Cool Email Receipt - email marketing tools - whir digital[box]12. Use Buttons[/box]

Another smart and simple hack to bolster the sales is to include useful buttons in your emails. Creating call-to-action buttons in emails in no Herculean task. You just have to follow a few simple steps.

A quick Google search will be enough to teach you how to do that. You can also use a button generator for the task. Make sure to write the full sentence in the button copy.

Use Buttons - email marketing tools - whir digital

[box]13. Customer Testimonials[/box]

Place yourself in the shoes of a customer and think, would you really invest in a product you have heard nothing about? No amount of marketing strategy can compete with the power of word-of-mouth referrals.

People are generally more drawn towards products or services that are talked about by other people. By integrating customer testimonials, you are making your potential customers believe that they are investing into something worthwhile.

Customer Testimonials - email marketing tools - whir digital

[box]14. Use Automated Personal Notes[/box]

Another excellent email marketing hack every marketer should apply. Automated personal messages are like the warm greetings we receive when we enter a posh restaurant or store. You shouldn’t restrict personal emails to just the new subscribers.

To keep your existing users engaged, you could send more user-specific emails. For example, if somebody has signed up for a free trial of your service, request them to share his experience.

Use Automated Personal Notes - email marketing tools - whir digital[box]15. Embedding Tweets in Your Email[/box]

Be a step ahead of your competitors by taking more creative approaches towards email marketing. Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites of the current times.

Embedding tweets of your existing customers (mostly, the positive ones) in your email is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic these days.

Embedding Tweets in Your Email - email marketing tools - whir digital

[box]16. Reach out to People[/box]

Be it a welcome note or any other type of promotional email, it should come from a real person, ideally signed by the head of the company. Allow the users to reply and be responsive to the emails.

It is extremely vital to keep track of all the replies you are getting from your customer. Not responding to a customer’s query is the worst deal-breaker of all time. If you have a big email list, it’s better to set up a help desk and redirect all the queries to customer care team.

This way, you can get valuable feedback from both existing as well as potential customers. Feedbacks help you understand which aspects of your business strategies need improvement.

Reach out to People - email marketing tools - whir digital

[box]17. Don’t Send Too Many Emails[/box]

You can actually end up pissing off your recipients if you start sending three to four promotional emails a day. It is the quality of the copy that counts, not the quantity.

To drive your leads through the conversion funnel, try not sending more than 2 emails. Devote your maximum energy to the appearance and content of the emails.

Don’t Send Too Many Emails - email marketing tools - whir digital[box]18. Unsubscribe Inactive Customers[/box]

By automatically removing the inactive customers from your email list, you will be able to target more helpful and relevant emails to the active members of your list. There’s another advantage to it as well.

By removing people who are not adding value to your business, you can reduce bounce rates. Blindly sending tons of emails to a massive number of people may lead to suspension of your account or even penalties by the ISPs.

Unsubscribe Inactive Customers - email marketing tools - whir digital

[box]19. Pay Attention to the Email Address You Are Using[/box]

Don’t make your emails look like they are sent by robots. Use a normal emails address which may either contain the name of your company or your own name.

The more your emails will feel personal, the more effectively you’ll be able to build a rapport with your subscribers. Send emails from the account of your team members instead of sticking to just one email address.

Pay Attention to the Email Address - email marketing tools - whir digital

[box]20. Use a Neatly Designed Professional Email Signature[/box]

Since it’s all about the presentation at the end of the day, ending your well-written copy with an informative, well-designed email signature can leave a lasting impact on your customers. You can also use a PS instead of an email signature to give it a more personalized touch.

Professional Email Signature - email marketing tools - whir digital[box]The Bottom Line[/box]

Email marketing, just like any other form of marketing, takes time, patience and well, a lot of hard work. Do you want to know the ultimate email marketing hack? It is to never stop learning from your mistakes.

Even the most seasoned marketing gurus make mistakes and probably you too will. Just don’t give up too soon. Hopefully, the email marketing growth hacks mentioned above will help you skyrocket your sales and conversion.

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